Wil Wheaton Sighting

Spent much of the weekend downtown, battling the crowds. Rockies games both Saturday and Sunday; Denver Chalk Art Festival both Saturday and Sunday (which was very awesome, if the pieces we actually got close enough to see were any indication of the show as a whole–I totally want to do this next year); some sort of race on Saturday morning that no one seemed to be in any hurry to finish but that closed off lots of downtown streets anyway; a farmer’s market; some other Sunday festival that had Colfax closed off and required us to take a detour; and, of course, Denver Comic Con.

Warren had one more panel today (topic: the future of space opera) with the lovely and talented Betsy Dornbusch, et al, so I did get in to walk the exhibit floor for about thirty minutes beforehand. Which was more than enough to catch the drift of the DCC experience. And I do mean “drift.” By Sunday night, cons begin to smell a bit like upset stomachs and unwashed hair. People are tired. Their costumes are droopy. Their body paint is rubbing off. It’s time to go home.

Highlights of the weekend included (a) lunch at the Rio with Warren, Mario Acevedo, Bonnie Biafore, Jason Heller, Daniel Abraham, and Jesse Bullington–accomplished writers all, (b) getting lots of my own writing done, and (c) walking right past Wil Wheaton at 17th and Blake. (What were he and his entourage doing over there after dark anyway? Jax? McCormick’s? Curious.)

Now, I’m not a trekkie. Never have been. So the Wil Wheaton of my childhood is this guy:

Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton in STAND BY ME

But I love that he’s become a beacon for the Geek and Proud Crowd and that he seemed to be enjoying Denver. At least, he looked like he was enjoying Denver. The day he flew in, he had this to say:

Wil Wheaton TweetAnd then he linked to this.¬†Which is awesome. I live here, and I didn’t know this stuff.


Denver Chalk Art Festival

Today, I’m geeking out at the Denver Chalk Art Festival, where my friend Mario Acevedo is hard at work. Go, Mario, go! I took this picture and texted it to him, then walked away. He never even knew I was there. Me so sneaky.

In other geek news, Denver Comic Con is in full swing this weekend. Warren has a couple panels there this weekend, and when I dropped him off at the convention center this morning, I saw, I don’t know, maybe a thousand people waiting in line to get in. Lots of capes and slut boots and Marvel tee shirts. Good times. I won’t even try to get in. Instead, I’ve skulked off to Starbucks to get a little writing done.

Mario Acevedo

Mario Acevedo working on his contribution to the 2013 Denver Chalk Art Festival