Denver Chalk Art Festival

Today, I’m geeking out at the Denver Chalk Art Festival, where my friend Mario Acevedo is hard at work. Go, Mario, go! I took this picture and texted it to him, then walked away. He never even knew I was there. Me so sneaky.

In other geek news, Denver Comic Con is in full swing this weekend. Warren has a couple panels there this weekend, and when I dropped him off at the convention center this morning, I saw, I don’t know, maybe a thousand people waiting in line to get in. Lots of capes and slut boots and Marvel tee shirts. Good times. I won’t even try to get in. Instead, I’ve skulked off to Starbucks to get a little writing done.

Mario Acevedo

Mario Acevedo working on his contribution to the 2013 Denver Chalk Art Festival


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